My complete list of birds that I have photographed (however well or poorly).

Sibley-Monroe (with some modifications) List, by Taxonomy

1   Struthionidae: Ostrich                  
   1 Struthio camelus                     Ostrich                             

6   Cracidae: Guans                         
  58 Ortalis vetula                       Plain Chachalaca                    
 101 Crax rubra                           Great Curassow 

8   Phasianidae: Grouse and Allies          
 269 Phasianus colchicus                  Common Pheasant                     
 285 Falcipennis canadensis               Spruce Grouse                       
 287 Lagopus lagopus                      Willow Ptarmigan                    
 296 Bonasa umbellus                      Ruffed Grouse                       
 301 Meleagris gallopavo                  Wild Turkey                         

9   Numididae: Guineafowls                  
 305 Numida meleagris                     Helmeted Guineafowl

10  Odontophoridae: New World Quails        
 313 Callipepla squamata                  Scaled Quail                        
 316 Callipepla gambelii                  Gambel's Quail                      
 318 Colinus virginianus                  Northern Bobwhite                   

13  Dendrocygnidae: Whistling-Ducks         
 349 Dendrocygna viduata                  White-faced Whistling-Duck

14   Anatidae: Ducks and Allies          
 354 Oxyura jamaicensis                   Ruddy Duck                          
 363 Cygnus olor                          Mute Swan                           
 367 Cygnus buccinator                    Trumpeter Swan                      
 368 Cygnus columbianus                   Tundra Swan                         
 377 Anser caerulescens                   Snow Goose
 378 Anser rossii                         Ross's Goose 
 381 Branta canadensis                    Canada Goose
 381 Branta hutchinsii                    Cackling [Canada] Goose                        
 405 Plectropterus gambensis              Spur-winged Goose 
 414 Aix sponsa                           Wood Duck                           
 424 Anas strepera                        Gadwall                             
 427 Anas americana                       American Wigeon  
 429 Anas sparsa                          African Black Duck 
 430 Anas rubripes                        American Black Duck                 
 431 Anas fulvigula                       Mottled Duck                        
 432 Anas platyrhynchos                   Mallard                             
 432 Anas platyrhynchos                   "Mexican" Duck                             
 438 Anas undulata                        Yellow-billed Duck 
 440 Anas discors                         Blue-winged Teal                    
 441 Anas cyanoptera                      Cinnamon Teal
 445 Anas clypeata                        Northern Shoveler                   
 451 Anas bahamensis                      White-cheeked Pintail
 452 Anas erythrorhyncha                  Red-billed Duck
 454 Anas acuta                           Northern Pintail                    
 459 Anas crecca                          Green-winged [Common] Teal
 470 Aythya valisineria                   Canvasback                          
 471 Aythya americana                     Redhead                             
 472 Aythya collaris                      Ring-necked Duck                    
 479 Aythya marila                        Greater Scaup                       
 480 Aythya affinis                       Lesser Scaup                        
 482 Somateria spectabilis                King Eider                          
 486 Histrionicus histrionicus            Harlequin Duck                      
 487 Clangula hyemalis                    Long-tailed Duck or Oldsquaw        
 490 Melanitta fusca                      White-winged Scoter                 
 491 Bucephala clangula                   Common Goldeneye                    
 492 Bucephala islandica                  Barrow's Goldeneye                  
 493 Bucephala albeola                    Bufflehead                          
 495 Lophodytes cucullatus                Hooded Merganser                    
 497 Mergus serrator                      Red-breasted Merganser              
 499 Mergus merganser                     Common Merganser                    

17  Picidae: Woodpeckers                         
 571 Melanerpes erythrocephalus           Red-headed Woodpecker               
 572 Melanerpes formicivorus              Acorn Woodpecker                    
 582 Melanerpes pygmaeus                  Yucatan Woodpecker
 585 Melanerpes carolinus                 Red-bellied Woodpecker              
 587 Melanerpes aurifrons                 Golden-fronted Woodpecker           
 589 Sphyrapicus varius                   Yellow-bellied Sapsucker            
 590 Sphyrapicus nuchalis                 Red-naped Sapsucker                 
 592 Sphyrapicus thyroideus               Williamson's Sapsucker              
 647 Picoides scalaris                    Ladder-backed Woodpecker            
 648 Picoides pubescens                   Downy Woodpecker                    
 651 Picoides villosus                    Hairy Woodpecker                    
 653 Picoides tridactylus                 Three-toed Woodpecker      
 681 Colaptes auratus                     Yellow-shafted [Northern] Flicker  
 681 Colaptes auratus                     Red-shafted [Northern] Flicker                    
 699 Dryocopus pileatus                   Pileated Woodpecker                 
 700 Dryocopus lineatus                   Lineated Woodpecker

19  Lybiidae: African Barbets               
 807 Lybius torquatus                     Black-collared Barbet
 814 Trachyphonus vaillantii              Crested Barbet

20  Ramphastidae: New World Barbets and Allies
 825 Capito niger                         Black-spotted Barbet
 839 Pteroglossus inscriptus              Lettered Aracari
 846 Pteroglossus torquatus               Collared Aracari 
 863 Ramphastos sulfuratus                Keel-billed Toucan
 872 Ramphastos cuvieri                   Cuvier's Toucan

 22  Bucconidae: Puffbirds                   
 923 Monasa flavirostris                  Yellow-billed Nunbird

25  Upupidae: Hoopoes                       
 982 Upupa africana                       African Hoopoe

32  Momotidae: Motmots                      
1052 Eumomota superciliosa                Turquoise-browed Motmot
1056 Momotus momota                       Blue-crowned Motmot

36  Cerylidae: Cerylid Kingfishers          
1150 Megaceryle alcyon                    Belted Kingfisher                   

38  Coliidae: Mousebirds                    
1183 Colius striatus                      Speckled Mousebird

40  Centropidae: Coucals                   
1294 Centropus burchelli                  Burchell's Coucal

41  Coccyzidae: American Cuckoos            
1305 Coccyzus melacoryphus                Dark-billed Cuckoo
1309 Piaya cayana                         Squirrel Cuckoo

42  Opisthocomidae: Hoatzin                 
1316 Opisthocomus hoazin                  Hoatzin

43  Crotophagidae: Anis and Allies          
1317 Crotophaga major                     Greater Ani 
1318 Crotophaga ani                       Smooth-billed Ani
1319 Crotophaga sulcirostris              Groove-billed Ani

44  Neomorphidae: Roadrunners               
1325 Geococcyx californianus              Greater Roadrunner                  

45  Psittacidae: Parrots                    
1545 Ara ararauna                         Blue-and-yellow Macaw
9728 Aratinga astec                       Aztec Parakeet
1662 Amazona albifrons                    White-fronted Parrot 
1680 Amazona ochrocephala                 Yellow-crowned Parrot

46  Apodidae: Typical Swifts                
1757 Chaetura pelagica                    Chimney Swift 
1758 Chaetura vauxi                       Vaux's Swift
1762 Aeronautes saxatalis                 White-throated Swift                
1785 Apus affinis                         Little Swift

48  Trochilidae: Hummingbirds               
9741 Chlorostilbon forficatus             Cozumel Emerald  
1897 Thalurania furcata                   Fork-tailed Woodnymph 
1949 Amazilia rutila                      Cinnamon Hummingbird
1987 Eugenes fulgens                      Magnificent Hummingbird             
2078 Heliomaster longirostris             Long-billed Starthroat 
2091 Archilochus colubris                 Ruby-throated Hummingbird           
2092 Archilochus alexandri                Black-chinned Hummingbird           
2099 Stellula calliope                    Calliope Hummingbird                
2111 Selasphorus platycercus              Broad-tailed Hummingbird            
2112 Selasphorus rufus                    Rufous Hummingbird                  

51  Strigidae: Typical Owls                 
2204 Bubo virginianus                     Great Horned Owl                    
2226 Nyctea scandiaca                     Snowy Owl                           
2233 Strix varia                          Barred Owl                          
2239 Strix nebulosa                       Great Grey Owl                      
2250 Surnia ulula                         Northern Hawk Owl                   
2280 Speotyto cunicularia                 Burrowing Owl                       
2281 Aegolius funereus                    Boreal Owl                          
2306 Asio otus                            Long-eared Owl

58  Caprimulgidae: Nightjars and Allies     
2355 Chordeiles minor                     Common Nighthawk                    
2359 Nyctidromus albicollis               Pauraque 

60  Columbidae: Pigeons                     
2432 Columba livia                        Rock Dove or Common Pigeon          
2435 Columba guinea                       Speckled Pigeon 
2463 Columba leucocephala                 White-crowned Pigeon                
2469 Columba fasciata                     Band-tailed Pigeon                  
2473 Columba flavirostris                 Red-billed Pigeon
2490 Streptopelia senegalensis            Laughing Dove                       
2494 Streptopelia capicola                Ring-necked Dove 
2496 Streptopelia semitorquata            Red-eyed Dove 
2497 Streptopelia decaocto                Eurasian Collared-Dove              
2542 Zenaida macroura                     Mourning Dove                       
2546 Zenaida asiatica                     White-winged Dove     
2547 Zenaida galapagoensis                Galapagos Dove 
2550 Columbina passerina                  Common Ground-Dove                  
2552 Columbina talpacoti                  Ruddy Ground-Dove                   

63  Gruidae: Cranes                         
2777 Grus canadensis                      Sandhill Crane                      
2783 Grus americana                       Whooping Crane                      

69  Rallidae: Rails                         
2853 Rallus limicola                      Virginia Rail                       
2891 Porzana carolina                     Sora                                
2913 Porphyrio porphyrio                  Purple Swamphen
2922 Gallinula chloropus                  Common Moorhen                      
2931 Fulica americana                     American Coot                       

74  Scolopacidae: Snipe and Allies          
2975 Gallinago gallinago                  Common Snipe
2989 Limosa haemastica                    Hudsonian Godwit                    
2990 Limosa lapponica                     Bar-tailed Godwit                   
2991 Limosa fedoa                         Marbled Godwit                      
2994 Numenius phaeopus                    Whimbrel                            
2998 Numenius americanus                  Long-billed Curlew
3006 Tringa melanoleuca                   Greater Yellowlegs                  
3007 Tringa flavipes                      Lesser Yellowlegs                   
3013 Tringa macularia                     Spotted Sandpiper                   
3014 Tringa brevipes                      Grey-tailed Tattler                 
3015 Tringa incana                        Wandering Tattler
3016 Catoptrophorus semipalmatus          Willet                              
3019 Arenaria interpres                   Ruddy Turnstone                     
3020 Arenaria melanocephala               Black Turnstone                     
3022 Limnodromus scolopaceus              Long-billed Dowitcher               
3024 Aphriza virgata                      Surfbird                            
3027 Calidris alba                        Sanderling                          
3028 Calidris pusilla                     Semipalmated Sandpiper              
3029 Calidris mauri                       Western Sandpiper                   
3034 Calidris minutilla                   Least Sandpiper                
3036 Calidris bairdii                     Baird's Sandpiper 
3037 Calidris melanotos                   Pectoral Sandpiper                  
3040 Calidris ptilocnemis                 Rock Sandpiper                      
3041 Calidris alpina                      Dunlin                              
3049 Phalaropus lobatus                   Red-necked or Northern Phalarope    
3050 Phalaropus fulicaria                 Red Phalarope or Grey Phalarope     

76  Jacanidae: Jacanas                      
3059 Jacana spinosa                       Northern Jacana                     

77  Chionidae: Sheathbills                  
3061 Chionis alba                         Snowy Sheathbill                    

80  Charadriidae: Plovers and Allies        
3077 Haematopus bachmani                  Black Oystercatcher 
3078 Haematopus palliatus                 American Oystercatcher 
3085 Himantopus himantopus                Black-winged Stilt 
3088 Himantopus mexicanus                 Black-necked Stilt 
3092 Recurvirostra americana              American Avocet                     
3097 Pluvialis dominica                   American Golden-Plover              
3098 Pluvialis squatarola                 Grey Plover or Black-bellied Plover 
3101 Charadrius semipalmatus              Semipalmated Plover                 
3105 Charadrius vociferus                 Killdeer                            
3126 Charadrius montanus                  Mountain Plover                     
3143 Vanellus armatus                     Blacksmith Lapwing
3154 Vanellus coronatus                   Crowned Lapwing

82  Laridae: Gulls and Allies               
3180 Catharacta [Stercorarius] antarctica Brown [Southern] Skua
3199 Larus canus                          Mew [Common] Gull
3201 Larus delawarensis                   Ring-billed Gull                    
3203 Larus marinus                        Great Black-backed Gull             
3204 Larus dominicanus                    Kelp Gull                           
3205 Larus glaucescens                    Glaucous-winged Gull                
3208 Larus hyperboreus                    Glaucous Gull                       
3210 Larus argentatus                     Herring Gull                        
3225 Larus philadelphia                   Bonaparte's Gull      
3230 Larus fuliginosus                    Lava Gull 
3231 Larus atricilla                      Laughing Gull       
3232 Larus pipixcan                       Franklin's Gull 
3237 Creagrus furcatus                    Swallow-tailed Gull 
3238 Rissa tridactyla                     Black-legged Kittiwake              
3239 Rissa brevirostris                   Red-legged Kittiwake                
3241 Sterna caspia                        Caspian Tern                        
3243 Sterna maxima                        Royal Tern                          
3248 Sterna sandvicensis                  Sandwich Tern                       
3253 Sterna hirundo                       Common Tern                         
3254 Sterna paradisaea                    Arctic Tern                         
3255 Sterna vittata                       Antarctic Tern                      
3257 Sterna forsteri                      Forster's Tern                      
3277 Anous stolidus                       Brown Noddy or Common Noddy 
3285 Uria aalge                           Common Murre                        
3286 Uria lomvia                          Thick-billed Murre                  
3290 Cepphus columba                      Pigeon Guillemot                    
3299 Cyclorrhynchus psittacula            Parakeet Auklet                     
3300 Aethia cristatella                   Crested Auklet                      
3302 Aethia pusilla                       Least Auklet                        
3305 Fratercula corniculata               Horned Puffin                       
3306 Fratercula cirrhata                  Tufted Puffin                       

83  Accipitridae: Hawks and Allies          
3307 Pandion haliaetus                    Osprey                              
3333 Harpagus bidentatus                  Double-toothed Kite 
3348 Haliaeetus leucocephalus             Bald Eagle                          
3389 Circus cyaneus                       Northern Harrier or Hen Harrier     
3427 Accipiter minullus                   Little Sparrowhawk
3443 Accipiter cooperii                   Cooper's Hawk                       
3470 Buteogallus anthracinus              Common Black-Hawk                   
3479 Buteo plagiatus                      Grey Hawk
3481 Buteo magnirostris                   Roadside Hawk
3482 Buteo lineatus                       Red-shouldered Hawk                 
3488 Buteo swainsoni                      Swainson's Hawk                     
3490 Buteo galapagoensis                  Galapagos Hawk
3495 Buteo jamaicensis                    Red-tailed Hawk                     
3502 Buteo regalis                        Ferruginous Hawk                    
3503 Buteo lagopus                        Rough-legged Hawk                   

85  Falconidae: Falcons                     
3579 Falco sparverius                     American Kestrel                    
3605 Falco peregrinus                     Peregrine Falcon                    

86  Podicipedidae: Grebes                   
3615 Tachybaptus dominicus                Least Grebe                         
3616 Podilymbus podiceps                  Pied-billed Grebe                   
3621 Podiceps grisegena                   Red-necked Grebe                    
3623 Podiceps auritus                     Horned Grebe or Slavonian Grebe     
3624 Podiceps nigricollis                 Black-necked Grebe or Eared Grebe   
3629 Aechmophorus occidentalis            Western Grebe                       

87  Phaethontidae: Tropicbirds              
3631 Phaethon aethereus                   Red-billed Tropicbird               

88  Sulidae: Boobies                        
3638 Sula nebouxii                        Blue-footed Booby
3640 Sula dactylatra                      Masked Booby 

89  Anhingidae: Anhingas                    
3643 Anhinga anhinga                      Anhinga                             
3644 Anhinga rufa                         African Darter

90  Phalacrocoracidae: Cormorants           
3647 Phalacrocorax africanus              Long-tailed Cormorant
3654 Phalacrocorax harrisi                Flightless or Galapagos Cormorant
3657 Phalacrocorax brasilianus            Neotropic or Olivaceous Cormorant 
3658 Phalacrocorax auritus                Double-crested Cormorant            
3662 Phalacrocorax carbo                  Great Cormorant
3669 Phalacrocorax bransfieldensis        Antarctic Shag                      
3678 Phalacrocorax urile                  Red-faced Cormorant                 
3679 Phalacrocorax pelagicus              Pelagic Cormorant                   

91  Ardeidae: Herons                        
3688 Egretta tricolor                     Tricolored Heron                    
3690 Egretta caerulea                     Little Blue Heron                   
3694 Egretta thula                        Snowy Egret                         
3699 Ardea herodias                       Great Blue Heron
3700 Ardea cocoi                          Cocoi Heron 
3707 Ardea purpurea                       Purple Heron
3709 Ardea alba                           Great Egret                         
3711 Bubulcus ibis                        Cattle Egret                
3718 Butorides striatus                   Striated Heron or Little Heron 
3719 Butorides virescens                  Green Heron                         
3720 Butorides sundevalli                 Galapagos Heron
3722 Nyctanassa violacea                  Yellow-crowned Night-Heron          
3723 Nycticorax nycticorax                Black-crowned Night-Heron           
3729 Cochlearius cochlearia               Boat-billed Heron
3732 Tigrisoma lineatum                   Rufescent Tiger-Heron

92  Scopidae: Hamerkop                      
3749 Scopus umbretta                      Hamerkop or Hammerhead

93  Phoenicopteridae: Flamingos             
3750 Phoenicopterus ruber                 Greater Flamingo

94  Threskiornithidae: Ibises               
3755 Eudocimus albus                      White Ibis                          
3759 Plegadis chihi                       White-faced Ibis                    
3767 Bostrychia hagedash                  Hadada Ibis
3774 Threskiornis aethiopicus             Sacred Ibis
3784 Platalea alba                        African Spoonbill 

95  Pelecanidae: Pelecans and Allies        
3794 Pelecanus erythrorhynchos            American White Pelican              
3795 Pelecanus occidentalis               Brown Pelican                       

96  Ciconiidae: Storks and Allies           
3797 Coragyps atratus                     Black Vulture                       
3798 Cathartes aura                       Turkey Vulture                      
3804 Mycteria americana                   Wood Stork                          

97  Fregatidae: Frigatebirds                
3823 Fregata magnificens                  Magnificent Frigatebird             
3825 Fregata minor                        Great Frigatebird                   

98  Spheniscidae: Penguins                  
3830 Pygoscelis papua                     Gentoo Penguin                      
3831 Pygoscelis adeliae                   Adelie Penguin                      
3832 Pygoscelis antarctica                Chinstrap Penguin                   
3837 Eudyptes chrysolophus                Macaroni Penguin                    
3844 Spheniscus mendiculus                Galapagos Penguin

99  Gaviidae: Loons                         
3847 Gavia pacifica                       Pacific Loon                        
3848 Gavia immer                          Common Loon                         

100 Procellariidae: Petrels and Allies      
3852 Fulmarus glacialis                   Northern Fulmar                     
3855 Daption capense                      Cape Petrel                    
3876 Pterodroma phaeopygia                Galapagos or Dark-rumped Petrel 
3920 Puffinus lherminieri                 Audubon's Shearwater
3932 Diomedea irrorata                    Waved Albatross 
3936 Diomedea melanophris                 Black-browed Albatross              
3952 Oceanodroma tethys                   Wedge-rumped Storm-Petrel

105 Tyrannidae: Tyrant Flycatchers and Allies
4090 Ornithion inerme                     White-lored Tyrannulet
4111 Elaenia martinica                    Caribbean Elaenia
4242 Contopus virens                      Eastern Wood-Pewee                  
4253 Empidonax minimus                    Least Flycatcher                    
4255 Empidonax wrightii                   Grey Flycatcher
4259 Empidonax occidentalis               Cordilleran Flycatcher
4263 Sayornis phoebe                      Eastern Phoebe                      
4264 Sayornis saya                        Say's Phoebe                        
4265 Sayornis nigricans                   Black Phoebe                        
4266 Pyrocephalus rubinus                 Vermilion Flycatcher                
4343 Attila spadiceus                     Bright-rumped Attila
4363 Myiarchus cinerascens                Ash-throated Flycatcher             
4365 Myiarchus crinitus                   Great Crested Flycatcher            
4368 Myiarchus magnirostris               Large-billed Flycatcher 
4380 Tyrannus melancholicus               Tropical Kingbird                   
4382 Tyrannus vociferans                  Cassin's Kingbird                   
4384 Tyrannus verticalis                  Western Kingbird                    
4385 Tyrannus forficatus                  Scissor-tailed Flycatcher           
4387 Tyrannus tyrannus                    Eastern Kingbird  
4394 Megarynchus pitangua                 Boat-billed Flycatcher
4405 Myiozetetes similis                  Social Flycatcher
4409 Philohydor lictor                    Lesser Kiskadee 
4410 Pitangus sulphuratus                 Great Kiskadee                      
4427 Pachyramphus aglaiae                 Rose-throated Becard
4433 Tityra semifasciata                  Masked Tityra
4470 Lipaugus vociferans                  Screaming Piha 
4546 Heterocercus aurantiivertex          Orange-crested Manakin

107 Furnariidae: Ovenbirds and Allies       
4981 Dendrocincla anabatina               Tawny-winged Woodcreeper
5001 Xiphorhynchus picus                  Straight-billed Woodcreeper
5010 Xiphorhynchus flavigaster            Ivory-billed Woodcreeper

121 Laniidae: True Shrikes                  
5504 Lanius ludovicianus                  Loggerhead Shrike                   
5505 Lanius excubitor                     Northern Shrike or Great Grey Shrike
5512 Lanius collaris                      Common Fiscal

122 Vireonidae: Vireos                      
5533 Vireo griseus                        White-eyed Vireo                    
5535 Vireo bairdi                         Cozumel Vireo                       
5546 Vireo plumbeus                       Plumbeous Vireo                     
5548 Vireo flavifrons                     Yellow-throated Vireo 
5550 Vireo olivaceus                      Red-eyed Vireo                      
5554 Vireo magister                       Yucatan Vireo                       
5555 Vireo swainsonii                     Western Warbling-Vireo
5556 Vireo gilvus                         Eastern Warbling-Vireo              

123 Corvidae: Crows and Allies              
5651 Gymnorhinus cyanocephalus            Pinyon Jay                          
5652 Cyanocitta cristata                  Blue Jay                            
5653 Cyanocitta stelleri stelleri         Steller's Jay     
5653 Cyanocitta stelleri marcrolopha      Steller's Jay 
5655 Aphelocoma californica               Western Scrub-Jay or California Jay 
5656 Aphelocoma coerulescens              Florida Scrub-Jay or Florida Jay 
5670 Cyanocorax yucatanicus               Yucatan Jay
5674 Cyanocorax violaceus                 Violaceous Jay 
5683 Cyanocorax yncas                     Inca Jay                            
5692 Perisoreus canadensis                Grey Jay                            
5711 Pica pica                            Black-billed Magpie                 
5719 Nucifraga columbiana                 Clark's Nutcracker                  
5740 Corvus caurinus                      Northwestern Crow                   
5741 Corvus brachyrhynchos                American Crow                       
5760 Corvus cryptoleucus                  Chihuahuan Raven                    
5761 Corvus albus                         Pied Crow
5763 Corvus corax                         Common Raven                        
6183 Batis molitor                        Chinspot Batis

126 Bombycillidae: Waxwings and Allies      
6233 Phainopepla nitens                   Phainopepla
6235 Bombycilla garrulus                  Bohemian Waxwing                    
6237 Bombycilla cedrorum                  Cedar Waxwing                       

127 Cinclidae: Dippers                      
6240 Cinclus mexicanus                    American Dipper

128 Muscicapidae: Old World Flycatchers and Allies
6280 Zoothera naevia                      Varied Thrush                       
6309 Sialia sialis                        Eastern Bluebird                    
6310 Sialia mexicana                      Western Bluebird                    
6311 Sialia currucoides                   Mountain Bluebird                   
6317 Myadestes townsendi                  Townsend's Solitaire
6337 Catharus ustulatus                   Swainson's Thrush                   
6338 Catharus guttatus                    Hermit Thrush                       
6347 Turdus olivaceus                     Olive Thrush 
6397 Turdus grayi                         Clay-colored Thrush
6407 Turdus migratorius                   American Robin                      
6575 Cossypha caffra                      Cape Robin-Chat
6645 Saxicola torquata                    Common Stonechat
6686 Myrmecocichla formicivora            Southern Anteater-Chat

129 Sturnidae: Starlings and Allies         
6738 Lamprotornis nitens                  Red-shouldered Glossy-Starling
6778 Sturnus vulgaris                     European [Common] Starling    
6786 Acridotheres tristis                 Indian [Common] Myna 
6809 Dumetella carolinensis               Grey Catbird                        
6810 Melanoptila glabrirostris            Black Catbird                       
6813 Mimus polyglottos                    Northern Mockingbird                
6814 Mimus gilvus                         Tropical Mockingbird             
6822 Nesomimus parvulus                   Galapagos Mockingbird 
6824 Nesomimus macdonaldi                 Hood Mockingbird
6828 Toxostoma rufum                      Brown Thrasher                      
6833 Toxostoma curvirostre                Curve-billed Thrasher               

130 Sittidae: Nuthatches and Allies         
6849 Sitta pygmaea                        Pygmy Nuthatch                      
6850 Sitta pusilla                        Brown-headed Nuthatch               
6856 Sitta canadensis                     Red-breasted Nuthatch               
6858 Sitta carolinensis                   White-breasted Nuthatch             

131 Certhiidae: Northern Creepers and Allies
6869 Certhia americana                    Brown Creeper                       
6875 Donacobius atricapillus              Black-capped Donacobius
6891 Salpinctes obsoletus                 Rock Wren                           
6892 Catherpes mexicanus                  Canyon Wren                         
6899 Cistothorus palustris                Marsh Wren
6900 Thryomanes bewickii                  Bewick's Wren                       
6930 Troglodytes troglodytes              Winter Wren                         
6931 Troglodytes aedon                    House Wren                          
6931 Troglodytes musculus [aedon]         Southern House Wren
6931 Troglodytes beani [aedon]            Cozumel [House] Wren
6950 Auriparus flaviceps                  Verdin
6954 Polioptila caerulea                  Blue-grey Gnatcatcher               

132 Paridae: Tits and Allies                
6980 Parus carolinensis                   Carolina Chickadee                  
6981 Parus atricapillus                   Black-capped Chickadee              
6982 Parus gambeli                        Mountain Chickadee                  
6987 Parus hudsonicus                     Boreal Chickadee                    
7024 Parus wollweberi                     Bridled Titmouse                    
9921 Parus ridgwayi                       Ridgway's or Juniper Titmouse       
7026 Parus bicolor                        Tufted Titmouse                     

133 Aegithalidae: Long-tailed Tits          
7036 Psaltriparus minimus                 Bushtit                             

134 Hirundinidae: Swallows and Allies       
7040 Tachycineta bicolor                  Tree Swallow      
7042 Tachycineta albiventer               White-winged Swallow 
7045 Tachycineta thalassina               Violet-green Swallow                
7049 Progne subis                         Purple Martin                       
7063 Stelgidopteryx serripennis           Northern Rough-winged Swallow       
7067 Riparia riparia                      Sand Martin or Bank Swallow         
7078 Hirundo rustica                      Barn Swallow                        
7093 Hirundo cucullata                    Greater Striped-Swallow 
7094 Hirundo abyssinica                   Lesser Striped-Swallow
7103 Hirundo spilodera                    South African Swallow
7105 Hirundo pyrrhonota                   Cliff Swallow                       

135 Regulidae: Kinglets                     
7127 Regulus calendula                    Ruby-crowned Kinglet                
7132 Regulus satrapa                      Golden-crowned Kinglet              

136 Pycnonotidae: Bulbuls                   
7153 Pycnonotus nigricans                 Black-fronted or Red-eyed Bulbul

138 Cisticolidae: African Warblers          
7305 Cisticola fulvicapillus              Piping Cisticola

139 Zosteropidae: White-eyes                
7401 Zosterops pallidus                   Pale White-eye

140 Sylviidae: Old World Warblers and Allies
8027 Sylvia subcaeruleum                  Rufous-vented Warbler

141 Alaudidae: Larks                        
8074 Mirafra sabota                       Sabota Lark
8136 Eremophila alpestris                 Horned Lark or Shore Lark           

145 Passeridae: Sparrows and Allies         
8321 Passer domesticus                    House Sparrow   
8332 Passer melanurus                     Cape Sparrow 
8362 Motacilla capensis                   Cape Wagtail
8408 Anthus rubescens                     American Pipit or Buff-bellied Pipit
8476 Ploceus velatus                      Southern Masked-Weaver              
8533 Euplectes afer                       Yellow-crowned Bishop
8538 Euplectes orix                       Red Bishop
8548 Euplectes progne                     Long-tailed Widowbird
8593 Uraeginthus angolensis               Blue-breasted Cordonbleu
8691 Amadina erythrocephala               Red-headed Finch
8702 Vidua macroura                       Pin-tailed Whydah
8706 Vidua paradisaea                     Eastern Paradise-Whydah

146 Fringillidae: Finches and Allies        
8767 Carduelis pinus                      Pine Siskin                         
8781 Carduelis tristis                    American Goldfinch                  
8782 Carduelis psaltria                   Lesser Goldfinch                    
8787 Carduelis flammea                    Common Redpoll                      
8795 Leucosticte tephrocotis              Grey-crowned Rosy-Finch             
8806 Carpodacus purpureus                 Purple Finch 
8808 Carpodacus cassinii                  Cassin's Finch 
8809 Carpodacus mexicanus                 House Finch                         
8826 Pinicola enucleator                  Pine Grosbeak                       
8831 Loxia curvirostra                    Red Crossbill                       
8832 Loxia leucoptera                     White-winged Crossbill              
8846 Hesperiphona vespertina              Evening Grosbeak                    
8899 Emberiza capensis                    Cape Bunting
8922 Calcarius lapponicus                 Lapland Longspur                    
8925 Plectrophenax nivalis                Snow Bunting                        
8928 Passerella iliaca                    Fox Sparrow                         
8929 Melospiza melodia                    Song Sparrow                        
8932 Zonotrichia capensis                 Rufous-collared Sparrow
8933 Zonotrichia querula                  Harris's Sparrow                    
8934 Zonotrichia albicollis               White-throated Sparrow              
8935 Zonotrichia leucophrys               White-crowned Sparrow               
8936 Zonotrichia atricapilla              Golden-crowned Sparrow              
8938 Junco hyemalis                       Slate-colored [Dark-eyed] Junco                     
8938 Junco oreganus [hyemalis]            Oregon [Dark-eyed] Junco                     
8938 Junco caniceps [hyemalis]            Gray-headed [Dark-eyed] Junco                     
8941 Passerculus sandwichensis            Savannah Sparrow                    
8952 Spizella arborea                     American Tree Sparrow               
8953 Spizella passerina                   Chipping Sparrow                    
8957 Spizella pusilla                     Field Sparrow                       
8959 Spizella atrogularis                 Black-chinned Sparrow               
8960 Pooecetes gramineus                  Vesper Sparrow                      
8961 Chondestes grammacus                 Lark Sparrow
8962 Amphispiza bilineata                 Black-throated Sparrow              
8963 Amphispiza belli                     Sage Sparrow 
8975 Aimophila ruficeps                   Rufous-crowned Sparrow              
8980 Pipilo chlorurus                     Green-tailed Towhee                 
8982 Pipilo erythrophthalmus              Eastern Towhee                      
9986 Pipilo maculatus                     Spotted Towhee                      
8985 Pipilo fuscus                        Canyon Towhee                 
9033 Paroaria gularis                     Red-capped Cardinal 
9038 Vermivora chrysoptera                Golden-winged Warbler               
9039 Vermivora peregrina                  Tennessee Warbler                   
9040 Vermivora celata                     Orange-crowned Warbler              
9041 Vermivora ruficapilla                Nashville Warbler                   
9042 Vermivora virginiae                  Virginia's Warbler                  
9045 Parula americana                     Northern Parula                     
9049 Dendroica petechia                   Yellow Warbler                      
9049 Dendroica petechia aureolla          Galapagos [Yellow] Warbler 
9050 Dendroica pensylvanica               Chestnut-sided Warbler              
9051 Dendroica magnolia                   Magnolia Warbler                    
9052 Dendroica tigrina                    Cape May Warbler                    
9054 Dendroica coronata                   Myrtle [Yellow-rumped] Warbler               
9054 Dendroica auduboni [coronata]        Audubon's [Yellow-rumped] Warbler               
9055 Dendroica nigrescens                 Black-throated Grey Warbler         
9056 Dendroica townsendi                  Townsend's Warbler                  
9058 Dendroica virens                     Black-throated Green Warbler        
9060 Dendroica fusca                      Blackburnian Warbler                
9061 Dendroica dominica                   Yellow-throated Warbler             
9062 Dendroica graciae                    Grace's Warbler                     
9065 Dendroica pinus                      Pine Warbler                        
9067 Dendroica discolor                   Prairie Warbler                     
9069 Dendroica palmarum                   Palm Warbler                        
9070 Dendroica castanea                   Bay-breasted Warbler                
9071 Dendroica striata                    Blackpoll Warbler                   
9077 Mniotilta varia                      Black-and-white Warbler             
9078 Setophaga ruticilla                  American Redstart                   
9082 Seiurus aurocapillus                 Ovenbird                            
9084 Seiurus motacilla                    Louisiana Waterthrush               
9088 Oporornis tolmiei                    MacGillivray's Warbler              
9089 Geothlypis trichas                   Common Yellowthroat                 
9102 Wilsonia citrina                     Hooded Warbler
9103 Wilsonia pusilla                     Wilson's Warbler                    
9105 Cardellina rubrifrons                Red-faced Warbler
9108 Myioborus pictus                     Painted Redstart                    
9146 Icteria virens                       Yellow-breasted Chat                
9151 Coereba flaveola                     Bananaquit                       
9171 Cissopis leveriana                   Magpie Tanager 
9241 Habia fuscicauda                     Red-throated Ant-Tanager
9247 Piranga rubra                        Summer Tanager                      
9249 Piranga olivacea                     Scarlet Tanager                     
9250 Piranga ludoviciana                  Western Tanager
9256 Ramphocelus nigrogularis             Masked Crimson Tanager
9259 Ramphocelus carbo                    Silver-beaked Tanager 
9263 Spindalis zena                       Stripe-headed Tanager
9264 Thraupis episcopus                   Blue-grey Tanager
9269 Thraupis abbas                       Yellow-winged Tanager
9300 Euphonia affinis                     Scrub Euphonia
9309 Euphonia hirundinacea                Yellow-throated Euphonia
9319 Euphonia minuta                      White-vented Euphonia 
9321 Euphonia xanthogaster                Orange-bellied Euphonia
9322 Euphonia rufiventris                 Rufous-bellied Euphonia 
9337 Tangara chilensis                    Paradise Tanager 
9370 Tangara nigrocincta                  Masked Tanager 
9385 Dacnis lineata                       Black-faced Dacnis
9395 Cyanerpes caeruleus                  Purple Honeycreeper
9396 Cyanerpes cyaneus                    Red-legged Honeycreeper
9551 Geospiza fortis                      Medium Ground-Finch
9552 Geospiza fuliginosa                  Small Ground-Finch 
9554 Geospiza scandens                    Common Cactus-Finch
9555 Geospiza conirostris                 Large Cactus-Finch
9559 Camarhynchus parvulus                Small Tree-Finch
9562 Certhidea olivacea                   Warbler Finch 
9564 Spiza americana                      Dickcissel                          
9569 Pheucticus ludovicianus              Rose-breasted Grosbeak              
9570 Pheucticus melanocephalus            Black-headed Grosbeak               
9571 Cardinalis cardinalis                Northern Cardinal                   
9573 Cardinalis sinuatus                  Pyrrhuloxia
9581 Saltator atriceps                    Black-headed Saltator
9584 Saltator coerulescens                Greyish Saltator
9598 Guiraca caerulea                     Blue Grosbeak                       
9599 Passerina amoena                     Lazuli Bunting                      
9600 Passerina cyanea                     Indigo Bunting                      
9602 Passerina ciris                      Painted Bunting                   
9607 Psarocolius decumanus                Crested Oropendola 
9610 Psarocolius angustifrons             Russet-backed Oropendola
9617 Cacicus cela                         Yellow-rumped Cacique
9638 Icterus gularis                      Altamira Oriole                     
9642 Icterus galbula                      Baltimore Oriole      
9983 Icterus bullockii                    Bullock's Oriole 
9643 Icterus cucullatus                   Hooded Oriole                       
9644 Icterus spurius                      Orchard Oriole                      
9646 Icterus dominicensis                 Black-cowled Oriole
9651 Icterus parisorum                    Scott's Oriole                      
9654 Xanthocephalus xanthocephalus        Yellow-headed Blackbird             
9659 Agelaius phoeniceus                  Red-winged Blackbird                
9670 Sturnella magna                      Eastern Meadowlark
9672 Sturnella neglecta                   Western Meadowlark 
9685 Dives dives                          Melodious Blackbird
9687 Quiscalus mexicanus                  Great-tailed Grackle                
9688 Quiscalus major                      Boat-tailed Grackle                 
9691 Quiscalus quiscula                   Common Grackle                      
9694 Euphagus carolinus                   Rusty Blackbird                     
9695 Euphagus cyanocephalus               Brewer's Blackbird                  
9700 Molothrus ater                       Brown-headed Cowbird